As an Entrepreneur David "Stock" Baird aka Stockmashin has become an innovator with the co-founding of a technology company creating the first Time-Based User-Generated Visual Radio Platform. Stock co-founded a product that would allow music discovery to be more social and visual based on life moments or "Selomixes". The connecting of a users favorite music or  to their favorite photo, creates a mix tape moment or life moment that cannot be expressed to each of these alone. The time-based playlist creation called a Selomix exploits a persons full emotional spectrum that text alone could not do. Also within the Patent Pending is a play2learn system which engages a user when audio is played. The play2learn system features on-the-fly news every time the play button is pushed keeping the user in the know of the artist, song, or content they are listening to. Stock found a team of rockstar developers who had the same passion and drive as he did when it comes to being a disrupter within the music industry. 

The Entrepreneur/ Inventor

Patent Pending serial Number 61/965,054